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Topcon GM-55 5 Sec. Reflectorless Single DisplayTotal Station W/Optical Plummet

The Topcon GM-55 5 Sec. Reflectorless Single Display Total Station with Optical Plummet is a versatile entry-level surveying equipment that offers precise and quick angle and distance measurements. Equipped with phase shift technology, the GM-55 total station has a reflectorless range of up to 1,640 feet and 13,320 feet using a single prism. Featuring a coaxial red laser pointer, this Topcon reflectorless total station comes with a dual-axis compensation with a working range of ±6 degrees. It also integrates the exclusive Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) to further increase measurement stability. With an IP66 rating, this Topcon total station is protected from dust and powerful water jets. It comes with a magnesium-alloy housing for durability and stable angle accuracy. The GM-55 total station also boasts a graphical backlit LCD display with a 28-key alphanumeric keyboard that is easy to use and navigate.

Accuracy options: 5 second
Single display
Optical plummet
Versatile entry-level tool
Quickly spot and has a phase shift technology
Reflectorless range up to 1,640 feet
Range with single prism up to 13,320 feet
Reflectorless accuracy: 2 + 2ppm x D
Coaxial red laser pointer
Dual-axis compensation
Working range of ±6 degrees
Integrates the exclusive Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS)
Magnification: 30x
Resolving power: 2.5"
USB 2.0 port that supports up to 32GB storage
Tangent lock securely holds angle in place
IP66 dustproof and waterjet protection
Magnesium-alloy housing
Graphical backlit LCD display
28-key alphanumeric keyboard
Uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery
Up to 14 hours battery life
What's in the Box
Topcon GM-55 Series Reflectorless Total Station
Battery, BDC46C
Power cable
Lens cap and hood
Tool pouch
Precision screwdriver
Lens brush
2 x Hexagonal wrench
Cleaning cloth
Laser caution sign-board
Carrying case with strap
User manual
2-year manufacturer's warranty
Plummet: Optical